• 26 July 2021

    Building a Gatsby JS landing page

    I just dropped a new video walking you through how to develop a marketing landing page from scratch using Gatsby JS

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  • 22 June 2021

    How I start new Gatsby projects - part 3

    In this post we'll create a layout component, which renders our header and footer - this will be really useful for creating page templates in the future, and makes our site way more scalable!

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  • 09 June 2021

    How I start new Gatsby projects - part 2

    At this point, we have a fully functional Gatsby project up and running. The next thing we want to do is to create some components that we can use throughout the site.

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  • 08 June 2021

    How I start new Gatsby projects

    There are tonnes of JavaScript frontend frameworks to choose from. Next, Nuxt, Jekyl and Hugo are all popular options at the minute, but my absolute favourite is Gatsby. Once you understand how React components work - I think Gatsby has the smallest learning curve to get started with building projects.

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  • 01 June 2021

    This is my story so far

    My development story started in 2008 when I was playing an embarrassing online gangster themed RPG. Now I'm working at Sky as a JavaScript developer, in one of the biggest and most knowledgable teams that I've ever come across

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